Nighttime CBD

Nighttime CBD

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Our NIGHTTIME CBD oil is a great choice for anyone who needs help getting to sleep and staying asleep. This oil can reduce anxiousness and promote relaxation and calmness at nighttime before bed. NIGHTTIME CBD helps you stay asleep by maintaining balance of the circadian rhythm, which is the natural internal process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle.

Primes the Mind & Body for a Productive Day!
1,500 mg CBD + 6 Pure Essential Oils
🌱 Lavender
🌱 Chamomile
🌱 Valerian

Relax and calm your mind and body with our NIGHTTIME CBD oil. This oil combines the power of CBD with 3 key essential oils in a formula that has relaxing and calming properties. NIGHTTIME CBD is meant to be taken before bedtime. When CBD is consumed at nighttime it activates the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and works with the body’s circadian rhythm to provide more calming effects as your body prepares for sleep.

  • Relaxing & Calming Effects
  • Reduces Anxiousness before Bedtime
  • Improves Sleep Quality

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