Waterproof, Stinkproof, Durable Handcrafted Dog Gear

BioThane® is the most robust material available on the market for collars and leashes. The vegan material feels like broken-in leather; it is soft, comfortable and does not chafe. In addition, BioThane® is stink-proof, waterproof, durable and will last for years. Our products are available with your choice of stainless steel, solid brass hardware, black plated and rosegold plated hardware. Customers love our products as they are easy to care for and require little maintenance. After a long day of adventures, you can easily wipe clean with water. (Even a quick puddle rinse off will do the trick!)


Reduce your waste generation and gear storage! We will find a new home for any gently worn or brand-new gear you return to us! I’m lieu of returning gear we will provide you a store credit to buy new gear! If the equipment cannot be donated to foster family homes, shelters, or rescues, it may be sold at a large discount as preused! 


Do you have any gear that you want to reuse with BioThane? Hardware? We can upgrade your equipment! All BioThane products are accepted (TDG is not required!). Prices are quoted via work and product required. 


In addition to our RRR Program we will also be implementing a monthly charity where we will be donating a portion of sales to different charity/organization each month!  Please see our giving back initiative here