Recycle, Refresh & Return Program

Recycle & Refresh & Return Program


Recycle - Reduce your waste generation and gear storage! We will find a new home for any gently worn or brand-new gear you return to us! If the equipment cannot be donated to foster family homes, shelters, or rescues, it may be sold as a PreMade!

Any used gear (no required to be TDG) will be examined before being accepted back. If we accept your gear, we'll give you a store credit (agreed before accepting!) so you can order new goods. Please email us at for instructions & to get started.


Refresh - Do you have any gear that you want to reuse with BioThane? Hardware? We can upgrade your equipment! All BioThane products are accepted (TDG is not required!)

Please get in touch with us if you have information about equipment that needs to be updated! For the required work and product, we will provide you a quote. Please email us at for instructions & more information.


All required shipping costs for products in the program or exchange program are at the buyer's expense

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