Clinical Hemp Health - Feline CBD

Clinical Hemp Health - Feline CBD

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Clinical Hemp Health (  FELINE CBD cat product is very easy to use and dose. Our FELINE CBD cat product is at a concentration of 250 mg of CBD and is formulated for cats of all sizes and weights. All ingredients are 100% all-natural and human-food grade.

Our FELINE CBD cat product is made with hemp-derived CBD isolate that is blended in organic MCT oil as a carrier and Cod Liver Oil for both medicinal and flavour benefits. One reason we use MCT oil as a carrier oil is that since it is so easily absorbed by the liver, the onset of effects of the CBD tends to be quicker. Another advantage of MCT oil is that it evenly absorbs cannabis compounds such as CBD, allowing for accurate dosing in each drop. Not only that, but research in animals shows the “enhancing effect of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) on intestinal absorption of various compounds.” This means MCT oil could potentially help to increase the bioavailability of the compounds within it; namely, cannabinoids such as CBD.

The Cod Liver oil we use is certified by International Verified Omega-3 (IVO), which is a marine oil testing program and adheres to the world’s highest standards for purity and potency verification. IVO is a proud supporter of marine stewardship and global sustainability.

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